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Name: Rage-a-Saurus
Sex: Male
Age: 35
Location: USA
Last Login: 07/12/1911
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ENTRY #26 - Ju;y 12th, 1911

Unfortunately, I do not have the ability to transfer a photograph of myself to DaveSpace. But I did notice on other journals how illustrations are often used in place of photographs. After some searching, I happened upon these most amusing images, which I have added to my sidebar. I hope you enjoy them. I look forward to more improvements for my page in the future.

Work is boring as usual and, if things do not improve soon, I fear that yet another of my business ventures will be a flop. It would be a most depressing time for me if not for this journal and the new friends I am making in DaveSpace. Sometimes I think that my writing here is the only thing that makes my continuing failures in life bearable! I must admit to a certain excitement as I pour over the journals of others. I am learning so much about strange and fascinating persons, amazing places, bizarre creatures, and fantastical devices... it is as if I have found an entirely new world to explore!

My dear readers I thank you. Your journals and messages of encouragement have inspired me, and filled my head with wondrous ideas. With your encouragement I remain optimistic about the future as I plan my next endeavor.

Yours most sincerely,

P.S. Despite my many messages to this "Tom" person asking that he remove his photograph and cease his false professions of my friendship, he has not complied. He has not even had the decency to reply to my correspondence. You sir, are no gentleman!




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