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Name: Rage-a-Saurus
Sex: Male
Age: 35
Location: USA
Last Login: 07/09/1911
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Rage-a-Saurus's Blog

ENTRY #1 - July 9th, 1911

I welcome you to my first entry in this most remarkable "DaveSpace" journal. As I have been observing the journals of others, I note that mine is quite plain in comparison. I must investigate the workings of this strange mechanism so that I might better decorate this "page" to be more pleasing for those viewing it.

I would be remiss to not introduce myself, yet I am told that it is customary to use a nom de plume for all correspondence with my readers here. I am a bit confused by this "Rage-a-Saurus" appellation, but it seems no more odd than others I have seen in this splendid new world, so I must express my gratitude to Mr. Simmer for it.

I am not certain what I have to offer in my writings, but I can assuredly be as entertaining as any other journal I've chanced to read here, if not more so. Unfortunately, mine is a story that will not be the most inspiring of tales. My life seems to be nothing more than a series of menial jobs which leave me ever on the edge of bankruptcy. All of my grandiose plans ultimately end up in failure.

But I remain optimistic that there are better days ahead. A man of my invention and intelligence can certainly find success in this world, and I mean to do just that! But for now I must return to my boring work while waiting for some activity to begin. To be truthful, I am grateful to have this journal, as it will help occupy my time during the dull daily routine here at the office. Perhaps writing my thoughts will help to focus my mind on obtaining the success which has eluded me these many years.

Yours most sincerely,

P.S. I know not this "Tom" person whom is claiming to be my friend. You sir, are no acquaintance of mine, and I find your boorish presumption in claiming my friendship to be most unsettling! Please remove your oafish visage from my journal page in all haste, as I tire of looking at it.




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