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Name: Rage-a-Saurus
Sex: Male
Age: 56
Location: USA
Last Login: 10/02/1931
Status: Married
Orientation: Straight
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Children: Three
Education: Military Academy
Occupation: Writer

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ENTRY #4286 - October 2nd, 1931

What up? OMG, 2day I wuz tly bummed. U have no idea. Seems no matter how many books or stories I write and no matter how popular I get, I am still taking crap from the pulp mag editors. Unless I go back 2 the jungle, under the earth, or on Mars, AGAIN nobuddy wants 2 buy it. That tly sUckS a$$! U would think that after 63 books (not 2 mention the radio shows, movies, and other stuff based on my writing), they would cut me sum slack. But noooooooo. If I want 2 write a western or romance or whatev, I have 2 fight and fight til sumbody has sense 2 buy so I can get paid. that be some $hitz right there homez! I think only 1 other writer sells more books than I do, and that's Zane Grey. I wonder if he haz to put up with this BS?

And now there's this dumba$$ thats trying 2 write like me to sell sum books. WTF?!? Otis Adelbert Kline is a dick. He copies my style and dupes out my Mars stories but changes his $hit 2 B on Venus? Screw that. I'm gonna write my OWN Venus book and school this lame imitator. I B da master, fool!! I am starting 2day, and will bury your lamer a$$.

4tunately, I have support from y'all 2 get me thru. Only prob is that I sumtimes start talkin or writin like I'm on DaveSpace, and everybody looks at me like I'm from Mars. Ironic isn't it? Guess us in 1931 got a while b4 we catch up to how cool y'all are in 2006!

Peace OUT,

P.S. The only person I want dead more than lamer imitator Otis Adelbert Kline, is Tom. Can u believe that this poser haz been dopggin me for TWENTY YEARS? Give it up bitch, u r a tl TOOL!!




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From: The Goddess

Thx for the add, Rage! I just watched the Disney version AGAIN, and think it was closer to the book that the Highlander version. U rawk!


From: Solitaire007

That is so LAME! Otis sux, u rockr!


From: Eck

Rage = Rockstar!


From: LadyDoc

Luv u Rage!


From: Full_Hizouse

I'm going to the rehab clinic to visit Ashley or Mary Kate... whichever is in rehab this time, and will send your regards (can anybody tell those anorexic bitches apart?).


From: Dizzy

Why hasn't the Mars stuff made it to movies? I heard Tom Cruise was up for it, but now I hear that luzer fan-boy Knowles over at AICN is going for it? Is Tars Tarkas going to be CGI? Do u know?


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