FridayQ Frequently Asked Qustions...

WHAT: Fridays are tough for bloggers... you're tired after a long week and distracted by the upcoming weekend. FridayQ helps out when you need it by providing ideas for your Friday entries.

WHY: The original "idea site" was over at The Friday Five. Unfortunately, Heather decided to hang it up, leaving Friday Fivers lost and confused. After I had made a few suggestions in my blog for new Friday ideas, people started emailing me to encourage more entries, so I decided to make a new place for people to find inspiration and share ideas for Friday bloggers.

HOW: There is no "right" way to create an entry from FridayQ: You may want to just take the topic and write an entry around that theme. You may want to just answer the three questions that are there. If you are feeling frisky, you may want to just take the FQ Challenge of the Week (could be a dare, a quiz, a project, or something really strange). If you are really ambitious, do all three... it's up to you!

WHEN: A new FridayQ will be posted sometime early each Friday morning.

WHO: You can read all about me at Blogography. If you have ideas for FridayQ or want to contact me, feel free to send me an email.

WHERE: The physical location for FridayQ is at:
But you can also use:
and be redirected to the proper page (though the domain managing service I use is free, and not always reliable!).

BADGE: Of course there are badges! Give me a day or two to upload them...

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