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Blogiversary IV… DAY FIVE!

Posted on Friday, April 27th, 2007


As I mentioned yesterday, votes for the second shirt design to be printed are really, really close (and if you haven't voted yet, you can still get your choices sent in by clicking here). With no clear victory for second place, I've decided to change this last day of prize drawings, and put the money into more shirt prizes. That way, I can get the order quantities high enough that I can print and extra design or two.

So, in addition to the 5 FREE shirts I have for the T-shirt vote drawing, I'm adding another 25 FREE shirts for everybody who enters today's contest (all you have to do is pay the shipping costs!). That's 30 freebies total being given away for Blogiversary IV...

Free Shirts!

That's like uhhhhhh... $510 in shirts or something. This brings the total prizes for this year's blogiversary to over $1000, which is pretty sweet!

$1000, Bitches!


  • If you have left 10 comments at Blogography for year-ending 25 April, 2007... all you have to do is send an email to CONTEST EXPIRED! and you're done!
  • If you don't have 10 comments, you now have to include correct answers to ALL SEVEN of the seven questions listed below in order to qualify (oooh! it's getting harder for you non-commenters!).
  • HURRY! Your entry MUST be received by TOMORROW: SATURDAY, APRIL 28th AT 9:00PM P.S.T. (Seattle time).
  • Winners will be revealed on Sunday, April 29th.
  • Okay then, if you didn't leave 10 comments in the past year, this time you have to answer ALL SEVEN of the questions below, and be sure to include the answers in your email entry to CONTEST EXPIRED! All the answers can be found in the Blogography History links listed below or by using the "Search Box" in my sidebar...

    1. What items might possibly shoot out of my ass as a result of PayPal being a giant scam?
    2. Who is the total whack-job that's a perfect 10 on my "Are You Insane?" diagnosis chart?
    3. Which super-hero did I become for Halloween one year?
    4. What will be located in the head of the gigantic statue monument I want to dedicate to myself?
    5. What color lightsabers do the monkeys attack me with in that dream I keep having?
    6. Which blogger did I run into, quite by surprise, at the Giant Glass Cube Apple Store?
    7. When the gays invaded Chicago, what did I imagine they would be armed with?

    Remember, the entry deadline is TOMORROW at 9:00pm P.S.T. (Seattle time)! Good luck!

    Dave discovers that PayPal sucks total ass because they stole his f#@%ing money!
    Dave reviews the most magical breakfast food ever: Hello Kitty Pop-Tarts!
    Dave creates his now-infamous alternatives for a hospital's lame "Pain Chart".
    Dave decides to write a line of books for dumbasses.
    Dave reveals his cross-dressing past.
    Dave decides to build a monument to his greatness.
    Dave has a dream.
    Dave writes that entry about bluetooth headsets that gets him a lot of hate-mail.
    Dave meets bloggers Eve and Dave3, then gets a shocking surprise on the streets of New York City.
    Dave finds out that the gays have invaded Chicago.

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    1. Tracy Lynn says:

      Dude, the best part of the Blogiversary (after the prizes) is that I’m getting a chance to revisit some of my favorite posts. I had forgotten that the gays invaded Chicago.
      That was a good day.

    2. Laurence says:

      You are very generous !
      Happy blogogranniversary !

      P.S. And very famous if South Park Character wear your T geek !!! 😀

    3. ms. sizzle says:

      i love the list of blogography moments in history. 🙂

    4. Avitable says:

      I am amazed at the effort you’re putting into this. You are setting the bar very high!

    5. Dave2 says:

      Nahhhh… it’s nothing, really. I’ve just been re-channeling the time I normally put into commenting on other people’s blogs (and replying to comments on my blog) running Blogiversary IV Week.

      Of course, now I am going to be getting bunches of emails saying “WHY DON’T YOU COMMENT ON MY SITE ANYMORE?!?” or perhaps “I’M NOT COMMENTING ON YOUR STUPID BLOG ANYMORE BECAUSE YOU STOPPED COMMENTING ON MY BLOG!!”


      Oh well.

    6. Ooh! The diamond ass post! I love that one. I totally want diamonds to fly out my ass and go “Tinkle Tinkle” can we see that it happens? Thx.

      And HELLO KITTY. I admit. I am a 12 year old inside and I love Hello Kitty. And have you seen the other characters? *dies*

    7. Firda says:

      Hey, that brown girl on the second row from top (I assume it is a girl) could’ve been me without my glasses! That olive colour really works well with my skin colour. That’s why I should win one of those t-shirts. 😉

    8. Dave2 says:

      Actually, that’s my very good friend Sailee. Se was visiting me when I was creating my “Bad Ass Blogography Show” audience members, so I put her in there, then recycled her for this graphic. 🙂

    9. ChillyWilly says:

      I’m surprised that Stan, being as close as he is to Wendy Testaberger, isn’t throwing up…. he he

      And where’s Kyle’s friend, Mr. Hankey???

      Seriously, good to see the gang wearing the Geeky T’s

    10. tori says:

      I want you to know that I skipped running today to answer the questions. Don’t feel bad though, I have been looking for excuses to skip running all week, so it wouldn’t have taken much. Have a great weekend!

    11. bogup says:

      It IS a pretty sweet pimp deal, I must say!!!

    12. Stephanie P says:

      Happy Blogiversary!

      It’s refreshing when a pimp like yourself remembers the little people even after he has reached the pip-tastic heights that you have.

      Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

    13. NYC Watchdog says:

      I just want to point out that with the correct amount of coal shoved up it… diamonds can fly out of the correct uptight person’s ass.

      That’s why I’ll always be poor.

      I do think the Gay Militia Uniforms are marvelous darling, marvelous.

    14. Avitable says:

      That was exactly what I was going to post about you commenting, but then I realized you have been commenting on my blog, so I feel blessed.

    15. Dave2 says:

      Oh great… now everybody who HASN’T gotten comments will be gunning for my ass! Thanks a lot Avitable!! 🙂

    16. Laurel says:

      Hey, it’s hard out here for a pimp…
      But I do love his bling…

    17. Bre says:

      It’s T-shirts gone wild!

    18. bogup says:

      I also like this contest because…

      I’m reading earlier “Blogography moments” that previously had been in the dustbin of history (at least for me).
      The Pain chart is laugh out loud funny, funny. In fact, I laughed so hard I think I hurt something, but now can’t tell if it is a kidney stone or just gas…
      Anyway, thanks!

    19. Avitable says:

      Anything I can do to make the whole situation more fun!

    20. Kapha says:

      Thanks for the extra pimpage! ;D

      I too love going back through your previous posts – the dream one and the pain charts are HILARIOUS.

      Dang, though – I don’t recall the diamonds shooting out yer bum – gonna have to find that one…

    21. Kellie says:

      Happy Blogiversary!

      And thanks for letting us non-commenters/lurkers play too =)

      PS: People think I’m losing my mind here at work cause I can’t stop laughing over the Diamonds shooting out of the ass graphic! Love it!!

    22. Juli says:

      C’mon Sunday! The winning suspense is killing me! 🙂

    23. Fintan says:

      Now that the pound is stronger than the dollor it seem the prizes are cheap 🙁
      Maybe double the prize for us UK readers

      only kidding I would love to get anything from Blogography

    24. exposed says:

      is that john lennon in the t-shirt crowd?!

    25. Tobi says:

      those were great posts to go back and read. The charts of pain were great!

    26. Hilly says:

      Woah hoahhhh, Dave…Avitable screwed you ;). I was just about to say that I never even expected you to be seen at my blog this week but now, hrmmmmm.

      I know this ;). You rock just for doing this whole contest giveaway seriously!

    27. kapgar says:

      See? I would’ve thought the guy in the T-shirt with the goatee was me… but there’s way too much hair on the head. *sniffle*

      So are you giving this many shirts away as an “army builder” of sorts? Expecting us to give them away to everyone we know to turn them onto you so you further dig your claws into the world’s collective psyche?

    28. Mooselet says:

      Have you hit the lottery? I stand in awe that you’d do this for us, Dave.

    29. Karl says:

      Woo hoo! More Dave shirts! Bring on the little duckie!

    30. Robin says:

      Happy Blogiversary!

    31. Eve says:

      It’s so nice that I’ve been reading you long enough to recall all of those original posts. Happy Blogiversary! Love and hugs.

    32. kim says:

      I totally need to start commenting. I love gay army Dave!!!! Shirts and buttons – I can’t wait til the Artificial Duck store reopens!!!

    33. SJ says:

      So how does Avitable rate getting comments, but the rest of us don’t?!?!

      [Just thought you might be disappointed if no one jumped on that]

    34. Shannon says:

      T-shirts are so my weakness. I have 3 full drawers just of t-shirts, not to mention the stuff in my closet. I must have Blogography T-shirts!

    35. Alice says:

      Heh, it’d be so awesome to buy/wear a T-shirt with the pimp graphic you have in this post!

    36. kim says:

      Just got back from Freddies – no more hello kitty pop tarts, but they do have fruit gummy hello kitty snacks. Made me think of you and laugh in the grocery store – I probably looked a bit crazy giggling to myself!

    37. Beth says:


      YOU are the bomb – this was fun. May all the world will know of your infinite wisdom…

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